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No one can guarantee a grander marlin but you can roll the dice by fishing the world’s best waters and significantly increase your chances.  A good start is to go where the fish have been known to be. Giant blue and black marlin are females and they tend to frequent different areas for various reasons such as feeding and spawning . After careful consideration of some of the greatest giant marlin fisheries in the world we have narrowed them down to a few captains and outfitters you should contact for your next grander marlin fishing adventure.

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While we own and specialize in selling fishing trips to the Galapagos Islands we are not brokers , resellers or middlemen for any of the other captains and operations listed here. After 23 years of providing fishing services in Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands we felt it was time to unite the giant marlin angling community. The idea was to create a place where you can find reliable information about where and who to fish for the largest billfish in the world.  In exchange for this possibly very useful information we kindly ask you provide your email address in order to help our site and community grow.  We are not looking spam you and you can unsubscribe anytime. However we do hope to send future fishing reports, newsletters and information.

After COVID19  many of the world’s best fishing destinations have taken a very hard financial hit.  We wish to help encourage anglers to travel and fish these wonderful destinations to help put these captains and outfitters back to work. Behind the scenes in all of these places there are people and families that you may not see or meet that depend in whole or in part on sportfishing and its financial ramifications for their livelihood.

It’s no secret that grander marlin fishing is a niche market for select anglers.  There are only a handful of known places where your chances are realistic to encounter a grander marlin if you put the time on the water to do it. Feel free to read through our site and contact  any of the captains or companies mentioned here using our contact form.  Yes you can also find any of these operations with a quick Google search but if you are truly looking to be kept in the loop of what is happening in the best giant marlin destinations then we can keep you updated. We hope to make this site grow with more information so you can decide which destination is right for you.  The lineup of giant marlin captains and outfitters you will see here is probably one of the most select assembled in one website.  Our goal is to network the giant marlin angling community and operators.

Pacific Blue Marlin

Isabela Island, Galapagos Islands
The Galapagos Islands offer some of the most fertile waters anywhere in the world  with the convergence of the Humboldt, Equatorial, Crownwell and Panama currents.  Bonito, Humboldt squid, sardines, yellowfin and bigeye tuna all come to feed in the nutrient rich waters of the Galapagos.  But guess who else shows up to feed on these critters?  You guessed it! Big female blue marlin.  Along the deep drops just a few miles off Isabela Island waters can progressively go from 600 to over 9000 feet.  The upwellings, and plentiful marine life sets a daily spectacle that pleases nature lovers as well as the dedicated giant marlin anglers.  Isabela Island offer a most unique place in the Pacific to immerse in wild nature and enjoy some of the most reliable giant blue marlin fishing found anywhere.  Most days you will be the only boat fishing these waters.

Who To Fish With:
Braden Escobar is a hunting and fishing outfitter that started guiding feral goat hunts in 1993 throughout the Galapagos Islands.  At the time the infrastructure, flights and boats were not yet reliable for a world class fishing operation.  By 1998 Escobar started researching the famous striped marlin waters between Santa Cruz and San Cristobal Island.  The high volume striped marlin fishery became legendary with year round shots at dozens of striped marlin any day.  However, his true passion was fishing for giant blue marlin.  By 2019 he was able to offer the first reliable boat for charter out of Isabela Island and in a less than 10 days of fishing managed to release  a 1000# and an estimated 1200 pounder and lost one thought to be close to 1500 pounds.  Today his company Ecuagringo offers the only two 36ft sportfishers equipped to fish Isabela Island. Contact Us.

Atlantic Blue Marlin

The Portuguese island of Madeira is world famous mainly for two things: 1- producing Cristiano Ronaldo arguably one of the most talented soccer players the sport has ever seen and 2- Giant blue marlin.  Madeira has natural beauty, shopping, restaurants and upscale lodging that is sure to enchant those who prefer the finer things in life.  Most of all it has perhaps the shortest run to fishing grounds for blue giant blue marlin than anywhere else.  300 meters once you leave the marina and you can start fishing for blue marlin.  The top months to fish Madeira are generally June to September.  Besides blue marlin you can find large bigeye tuna in these waters.

Who To Fish With:
Captain Gerald “Frothy” De Silva is originally from Trinidad.  He is one of the most experienced captains in Madeira.  His boat Pesca Grossa is one of the top fishing vessels in Madeira.  Captain Silva won the Blue Marlin World Cup 2015.  He also spends time running fishing charters out Trinidad.

Captain Peter Bristow has experience in commercial and sportfishing for 55 years.  His largest black marlin boated was 1323 lbs while he was pioneering the waters off Australia.  He estimates he has boated, caught and released over 2000 giant marlin plus numerous record worldwide and Australia.  Today he is at the helm of the Katherine B fishing for giant blue marlin on the waters of Madeira

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Black Marlin

Cairns & Lizard Island – Great Barrier Reef
No other place in the world has produced as many grander black marlin as consistently and reliably for almost 40 years as Cairns, Australia.  The Great Barrier Reef is the undisputed heavyweight when it comes to investing in a serious grander black marlin destination.  The area attracts more large females ready to mate and spawn than any other place currently known.  Other than Cabo Blanco, Peru during the 50’s no other place has produced the numbers of large black marlin that Cairns has year after year.

Who To Fish With:
Capt Tim Richardson has been fishing the Great Barrier Reef since 1989. He is based in Florida, USA but travels to fish during the seasons in Dominican Republic and Australia.  If you are looking to fish for giant black marlin then this is your captain.  Richardson operates Tradition a 49 foot sportfisher built to fish for giant black marlin. His vast fishing experience ranges through many other places such as Florida, Bahamas, Turks and Caicos, Montauk, Bermuda, Panama, Costa Rica, St Thomas, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, British Virgin Islands and Caribbean, St Martin, Montserrat ,Dominica,Martinique, St Lucia, St Vincent and the Grenadines, Barbados , Mexico, both Pacific and Atlantic, Hawaii, and of course the greatest place on earth – the Cairns and Lizard Island region of the Great Barrier Reef. Contact Us.

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