Isabela Island Fast Becoming The Giant Marlin Fishery Of Serious Anglers

Where & What Is Isabela Island?

Isabela Island sit over 700 miles from the coast of Ecuador right on the Equator. The island is the largest in the Archipelago de Colon and is one of the furthest West with active volcanos in the Galapagos Islands. The topography surrounded the ocean floor around the island is perhaps the most unique in the Galapagos.

With seas dropping as much as over 2000 feet less than 100 meters from shore and further off to over 12,000 feet nowhere else in the Galapagos do you have such depth contrast. The Galapagos Islands belong to Ecuador.

Why Do Blue Marlin & Other Pelagics Gather Here?

It is no secret that large female blue marlin which tend to grow over 1000 pounds and possibly even over 2000 pounds prefer deeper waters than other billfish species. However, it’s not only the depths that attract blue marlin but the convergence of currents. You have colder water from the South brought by the Humboldt Current.

Warmer currents from the Panama Current from the North. The Equatorial Current from the East and Crownwell from the West make the waters of the Galapagos very nutrient rich. Nutrients attract plankton, krill and small organisms that start off a whole food chain from smaller to bigger fish.

The unique conditions of water temperatures, currents, water mixtures, baitfish and so much marine life is not easily found just anywhere. Blue marlin tend to have certain migration patterns that scientist are just starting to understand some aspects. For example male blue marlin tend to migrate and follow the deep mountain peeks 100 to 200 miles off the coast of Costa Rica. Females on the other hand are not as numerous, grow much bigger than males and tend to travel alone unless getting ready to mate.

Why Should You Book A Tripe To Isabela Island?

The Galapagos Islands are virtually crime free. Getting to the Galapagos is not hard and a 4 hour direct flight will have you in Guayaquil , Quito or Manta. All cities from which you will be able to connect to Baltra Island in the Galapagos. Isabela Island welcomes you with a beach almost 2 miles long in front of the town, less than 4,000 inhabitants and wildlife at every turn.

It is a friendly and family type destination with activities both for anglers and non anglers. We make it easy for you to book by taking care of you from the moment you clear customs in Ecuador. Our custom packages include hosting services, lodging, transfers, fishing and so much more.

Fishing the water off Isabela Island in prime time gives you some of the best chances to fish and area known for almost all the blue marlin averaging 500 to over 1000 pounds. The big females come to feed on squid, bonito, tuna, mahi and other baitfish that also congregate to feed here. The average size of our blue marlin are large and 90% of fish caught are females.

Our boats and crews are the first and most experienced to be fishing in the Galapagos since we first started the fishery in 1998. The incredible striped marlin fishery overshadowed the big blue marlin potential until in 2018 Braden Escobar began doing charters fully engaged in targeting blue marlin. Our tackle set the standard by using the best 80# and 130# gear available and custom rods.