Who We Are

We are a branch of Ecuagringo. Ecuagringo was the first outfitter lead by Braden Escobar in the 90’s testing and exploring the waters of the Galapagos Islands. Escobar has a passion for finding big fish and after developing the incredible striped marlin fisheries from Santa Cruz and San Cristobal Island he focused on finding where the biggest marlin in the Galapagos where.

Mothership expeditions all over the archipelago took him to the far corners of the Galapagos. Finding monstrous blue and black marlin as well as bigeye tuna he began to focus on the more logistically sound waters off Isabela Island. While much of the Western side and North of Isabela remains untapped due to how big it is and how far round may be, the waters just 7 to 20 miles outside of port have been very productive for large fish.

Ecuagringo has trained more captains, prepared more boats and has the best tackle found in all of the Galapagos Islands. Having hosted thousands of happy anglers over 24 years and released more marlin than anyone in the Galapagos there is no one else that offers you more options, quality and experience in all of the Galapagos.

braden escobar 01

Braden Escobar, founder of Grandermarlinfishing.com and pioneer of the Galapagos marlin fishery since 1998. Lead the charge to get the Galapagos Islands open to international anglers & sportfishing. Has trained the best crews for over 24 years and researched the best areas to fish for all marlin species found in the Galapagos Islands.

yuri gutierrez 01

Captain Yuri Gutierrez of 38 ft Patricia, one of the most experienced blue marlin captains in the Galapagos with more blue marlin over 500 pounds released than by any other captain in the Galapagos.